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2021 Porsche 718 Cayman GT4 RS mule reveals new details

Porsche   is again testing what appears to be a   hardcore 'RS' version of its   latest   718 Cayman GT4, with the latest mule spotted in minimal camouflage at the N?rburgring.

As we previously saw, the testing prototype   sports notable bodywork additions. At the front, there   are versions of the Naca   bonnet air ducts similar to those... ( подробнее )

James Ruppert: 'vans with windows' combine practicality and price

There is a colossal amount of snobbery when it comes to certain models, as you probably know. Apparently, you are an idiot if you choose an SUV or if you want one of those van-derived things from France. SUVs might be objectively daft, but subjectively they are slightly practical, if average to drive. But even more useful than an SUV is one of those... ( подробнее )

Bringing up the rear: Top 10 rear-wheel steering cars

It shouldn’t come as a great surprise that one of the most hotly debated automotive chassis technologies originated in Japan, a nation whose residents appear to be born with a fascination for high-tech gadgets and gizmos.

Active rear-wheel steering was introduced in 1985. Fittingly, it made its debut on the Nissan R31 Skyline, a car as... ( подробнее )

Nearly new buying guide: Renault Megane RS

It may look to the untrained eye no more than a tarted-up Dynamique Nav version of the humble Renault M?gane, but keen motorists after a front-wheel-drive hot hatch love the RS, a car so rewarding and so thrilling that it’s the automotive equivalent of a lost weekend in Paris with Lily James.

This is the third-generation M?gane RS, and... ( подробнее )

Inside the industry: Why popularity is a problem for big-selling SUVs

Proving the old adage that trouble can come from anywhere, the latest CO2 emissions data for Europe highlights that one of the many headwinds is blowing from the direction of one of the most popular and most profitable areas of the car-making business.

For many years, SUVs have been the panacea for under-pressure companies, a few inches... ( подробнее )

Porsche investigates alleged manipulation of petrol engines

Porsche has opened internal investigations into alleged software and hardware changes made to engines after they were type-approved by Germany’s Federal Motor Transport Authority (KBA).

The investigation, which Porsche says is focused on possible illegal engine manipulation, is claimed to centre around engines fitted to Panamera and 911... ( подробнее )

Councils reverse road closures as residents bash ‘green’ scheme

Councils across the UK have reversed government-backed street closures in towns and cities after criticism from residents, The Telegraph has revealed.

The closures, which have been made as part of the Department of Transport’s ?250 million green roads scheme, were promised to help usher in a “new era for cycling and walking”. However, residents... ( подробнее )

Cool classics and supercars: The first major car show since lockdown

Slide of

The London Concours event might have been cancelled along with so much else this year.

But the organisers pulled out all the stops to stage their annual event once more, held at the Honourable Artillery Company in the City of London. It was apparently... ( подробнее )

The cars of Ferrari’s XX programme

Since 2005, Ferrari has offered a very select group of owners the chance to take part in exclusive track days all over the world, including iconic racing locations such as Spa-Francorchamps and the   N?rburgring.

To buy into the XX programme, customers needed to be approached by Ferrari and 'invited' onto the scheme, which included purchasing... ( подробнее )

Under the skin: How E-turbos banish lag and help emissions

We have heard a lot about electric boosting (e-boosting) of diesel engines in the past few years. Several premium brands now use this in conjunction with conventional turbochargers to improve response at low revs and low power, with the conventional turbo taking over at higher power to pump enough air into the engine.

The latest, though,... ( подробнее )