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New Rolls-Royce Ghost is firm's most advanced model

Rolls-Royce has unveiled an all-new, second-generation version of the most successful car in its history: the Goodwood-built Ghost saloon. The new model ditches the BMW 7 Series-derived underpinnings of the original car in favour of the latest flexible aluminium spaceframe already used for the Phantom and Cullinan.  

Billed as a “slightly... ( подробнее )

Nearly new buying guide: Skoda Karoq

What’s in a name? We all loved the Yeti, even though it looked insane and had an odd moniker. The Karoq’s name is odd, too, but the car beneath the badge is entirely and in some instances delightfully conventional. Larger than the Yeti both inside and out, the Karoq was created with practicality as its main brief – so it retained the smart touches... ( подробнее )

Skoda Enyaq: electric SUV leaks out ahead of imminent unveiling

Skoda's big 2020 debutant - the Enyaq iV electric SUV - has leaked online ahead of its planned unveiling tonight.  

The Skoda Enyaq has now been revealed - click here for full details on the Czech brand's electric SUV

Images posted on social media   are said to show the new EV hours ahead of the big event. They appear to be official... ( подробнее )

New 2021 Mercedes S-Class to be revealed today

Mercedes-Benz   is set to unveil the new generation S-Class later today.

The latest version of the luxury saloon is due to debut ahead of its arrival in showrooms early next year, with a focus on technology and refinement.

In the run-up to the reveal, Mercedes has teased some of the technology that will feature in the new generation... ( подробнее )

Under the skin: how air suspension helps more than ride quality

Air suspension, once associated only with a luxury ride, has now been adopted across a wide range of premium cars, because of its versatility.

Air suspension can arguably contribute to the most comfortable ride, drop the ride height low to ease getting in and out of an SUV, for instance, and reduce drag at higher speeds. It can then raise... ( подробнее )

Hotel California: Autocar's least-epic drive in a VW Camper

There’s a variant of Autocar feature we call the ‘epic drive’, where we make a fuss of a particular vehicle by taking it on an extended outing to a significant location. This was supposed to be one of those features. But it’s not, clearly, because this is 2020, the year in which nothing has gone as planned.  

We had been plotting an epic... ( подробнее )

The car industry's biggest flash-in-the-pan moments

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Motorists tend to be a fickle bunch.

Models, body styles, features and technologies sometimes go out of style as quickly as they rise to prominence and ideas that seemed absolutely brilliant when they were introduced can end up looking dated in a few short... ( подробнее )

F1 2020: Extra Bahrain race to use alternate track

Four more grands prix have been added to the disrupted 2020 Formula 1   calendar, taking the season total to 17 races. The new events include a pair of races at Sakhir   in Bahrain, with one taking place on an all-new 'high-speed' track layout.

The Bahrain Grand Prix will take place on 29 November on the   Bahrain International Circuit's... ( подробнее )

Can a Lamborghini Huracan RWD really be a daily driver?

Deputy editor James Attwood put out the call: “Who has ended up with an accidental longtermer? What is it? Can it top my T-Roc Cabriolet?”

I glanced out of the window. “Um, possibly, mate.”

When lockdown brought the UK car industry to a screeching halt, it quickly became apparent that whatever   car each staff member had been... ( подробнее )

40 easy ways to make your car last forever

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If you're the kind of person who drives your car on the door handles and you're happy to fit a new set of brake pads every week, there's nothing here for you.

But if you like to eke every mile that you can out of your car, while paying as... ( подробнее )